Beef Wonton Ravioli

This is the perfect recipe for using up any left over meat and a craving for pasta! ( and it doesn’t hurt these wontons are a low carb & calorie option!)


Original recipe is here –>  , but we didn’t have majority of the ingredients so we worked with what we had (that’s why I say any meat you have on hand would work in this recipe)

It came out really great! I definitely recommend and can’t wait to make again …ps see end of the post for dessert!

Below are the steps that we did! We made 16 raviolis, 8 each

Start a pot of boiling water. Set up the wonton wrappers on the counter and put a spoonful of take whatever meat you are using, we had left over roast beef that we shredded, onto the wonton then add some freshly grated parmesan to each.


Next wet the edges of the wrapper with water (L shape, going to fold into a triangle) fold like a triangle and seal the edges

Put the wontons in the boiling water and cook them until they float, just a couple minutes so stay close!



Next take your store bought pasta add it to a pan (we use Ragu traditional), add a couple shots of vodka, 1/2 – 1 cup of cream and a dash of oregano. Adjust cream based on color of the sauce, should be a creamy red see photo. We ended up with way to much sauce because we used the whole jar, but you can definitely cut this in half. I think if you made the sauce from scratch it would be healthier, but if you only use a little bit of our version it is not so bad.

Put some sauce on the wontons (doesn’t need to be doused in sauce, unless you want to ha!) Enjoy!

*** EXTRA: Not shown is dessert, take the extra wontons and add two slices of banana, a scoop of nutella and seal up. Bake them on a cookie sheet at 350 for about 10min or until wonton shell looks baked. You will not be disappointed


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