Wish you were here…. Floppy Sun Hat DIY

I am sure by now everyone has seen the “wish you were here…” floppy sun hats or “Do not disturb” “out of office” and even Etsy customized ones like for bachelorette parties (Bride, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid) well I jumped on the band wagon and made one too!

I actually first saw the hat last spring on shopbop and thought to myself I could make that for $ instead of the going rate $$$, but as per usual I procrastinated a whole year to finally do it and now they have blown up. My mom fell in the love with the hat when I showed her and I decided to make one for her for her bday, which is this weekend and she also leaves for Florida next day so perfect timing for a beach themed bday present!

IMG_5153.JPGIn all this hat cost me $8 and took 20min to make

  • Target Sun Hat $5 , found it in the Dollar Spot near the entrance, but you can find these hats everywhere right now (maybe not as cheap though :/ )
  • Jo-Ann 1/4″ Single Strand Sequin Trim Black , 1 yard (which is double what I ended up needing, so I have plenty to do another!)   $3
  • Aleene’s No Sew Fabric Glue, already had but if you don’t you can get for ~$3- $5
  • Tape

I pulled up the image I wanted to copy online and had that in front of me on the computer screen to use as a guide then I laid out the sequin wording on the hat and taped with glue just to make sure sizing and symmetry looked good. Next I went back and glued down, not much to it! Super easy and fun statement piece for the beach! Enjoy 🙂


IMG_5134 (1).JPG



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