Breakfast Sandwiches

My boyfriend makes the most amazing breakfast sandwiches with whatever items we have in the fridge. We have always joked that wherever we retire to he is going to open up a breakfast joint from 6am -10am, maybe 10-12 seats to give him something to do that he enjoys. So in anticipation of that I have started to document and note each of the his breakfast sandwich recipes, I will keep updating this post with the latest concoctions he comes up with!

Note: Every breakfast sandwich (heck everything we make) is always seasoned with M Salt, if you aren’t from Michigan or even if you are and haven’t tried M Salt before you a missing out! It is amazing on EVERYTHING and just makes everything taste that much better. and no this in not an Ad. We got a little tin of it at a family friend’s wedding we went to as party favor and fell in love with it, so did my entire family. We all use it on everything and I encourage everyone to try it! .. But ok back to the breakfast sandwiches

IMG_5151.JPGWebsite –>

Sometimes you can find at Meijer and MI boutiques especially on the West side of the state.



  • Pillsbury Biscuits
  • Oscar Meyer Chicken Deli Meat, fried in the pan
  • Trader Joe’s Gruyere Cheese, block cheese slices
  • Fried Egg
  • Chipolte Mayo, slathered on both sides of the biscuit
  • Seasoned with M Salt

Not the most appetizing photo, but I guess better than nothing. It was VERY delicious though.



  • Pillsbury Biscuits
  • Sauteed Onion and Green Pepper
  • Bacon
  • Trader Joe’s Gruyere Cheese, block cheese slices
  • Scrambled Egg
  • Chipolte Mayo, slathered on bottom of biscuit
  • Seasoned with M Salt

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