Football Pumpkin #diy

This is an easy & cheap #diy that is perfect for Fall!


  • Pumpkin, any size and shape ( Costco has these big ones for $5)
  • White paint
  • Brown paint, I choose Behr ” chocolate therapy”, sample size
  • Paint brush

How to:

  • Clean pumpkin with damp paper towel to clean off any dirt
  • Cover pumpkin with 2 coats brown paint, dries quick. Make sure to paint around whole pumpkin, all the way up to the stem, and down the whole base so no orange is showing.
  • Clean paint brush, or use another one, to paint white laces down the center. Number of lines depends on size of you pumpkin but I just free handed so it isn’t perfectly straight and clean edges,  but I kind of like it that way
  • Set it out for display 🙂

I Bought this pumpkins at Costco for $5 , I wanted a fake one to be able to keep over the years but man fake pumpkins are expensive! ($30 at JoAnns) so real it is and it is easy enough I can just make one every year and keep it outside without worrying about rain to damage it. I think I might make more in different sizes to put around because they are so dang cute!



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