Imagur 60 best desserts – jello pretzel dish 

The other day we were craving a dessert, but weren’t sure what to make and nothing was peaking my interest on Pinterest or my already pinned Dessert board so AK Google searched imagur best dessert and omg the most amazing desserts came up and now I want to try them all!

You can find them all here –>

We decided to start with the raspberry pretzel jello, it sounded refreshing and light for a perfect “beginning of summer” day. Recipe we followed can be found here

A couple changes we made…

1. We used fresh raspberries that we put in freezer when we started baking and by the time we needed to use them they were just starting to freeze up

2. We went down one dish size, the amount of pretzels the recipe calls for didnt cover enough of the pan and we wanted the pretzel crust base to cover the whole pan, going down one size was just perfect

 I also learned this is an older recipe, my grandma used to make something like this when she was younger because it was (and still is so cheap), she used to make hers with strawberry.

This dessert was amazing!! The pretzel crust had a carmel crunch taste and the the fresh raspberries really added a nice tart sweet flavor and made you feel not terrible for eating dessert, I mean it has fresh fruit on it 😉

We will definetley be making again!

Next up I think will be the No Bake Oreo Tart 🙂


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